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siroop & Fashwell at HackZurich 2017

Challenge: Make Online Shopping Great Again

We are siroop, Switzerland’s first open marketplace and Fashwell, a deep learning company that works with fashion retailers and brands. Together we teamed up to challenge you to make online shopping great again.

Currently the online shopping experience usually follows the same pattern: You open a browser, enter the URL of an online shop, search for a product, put it into the shopping basket and enter your information to check out. It has been the same process since the introduction of online shopping and it is neither exciting nor particularly efficient.

At siroop and Fashwell, we believe in the vision of open commerce. We're certain that the future of shopping will not be limited to online shops as we know them. Other interfaces will gain importance, like conversational interfaces on messaging apps or through voice assistants. We also believe in the importance of visual search, since many products, especially fashion products, are difficult to describe just with words.

Now we want to see your take on bringing online shopping to the next level.

If you have any questions, you can find us at our booth and in the ws16_siroopfashwell channel on Slack.

Fashwell API

We have prepared a few endpoints for you to use during this Hackathon.

You will need to signup in order to get the needed Access Token:

Visual Search

By uploading or providing the url to an image we can return a list of fashion products that match the products on the image.


Sometimes text is still helpful. This is why you can also run a fashion attribute classification for the fashion products in an image. The return might contain information like color or pattern, as well as more specific attributes like sleeve length or neck types.

Find Similar Products

With the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of a given product you can retrieve a list of similar products.

dynamic product images

To help display all products nicely you can use our dynamic image endpoint by making use of the provided image_id.

Either use the default image:

Resize it to a maximal width and height:

Resize and add padding for a defined width and height:

siroop APIs

We have two public APIs available for use at the HackZurich. The documentation for the APIs can be found under

Important: Please get in touch with us (via Slack ws16_siroopfashwell or at the siroop booth) to receive an API Key.

search API

Our search API allows you to search our whole product catalogue using different parameters. You can either use the stock keeping unit (unique product identifier), the barcode number or a search term to find our products.

recommendation API

The recommendation API uses the SKU (stock keeping unit) of a product to return similar products. The recommendations are based on an algorithm developed by our Data Science team taking into account user behaviour, purchase history, device and more.

Example Chatbot

Just as an example of how the Fashwell API could be used, we prepared a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

You can find the example code based on Node.js on Github as well as on Glitch, where you can directly remix it and have your own version running in no time. Feel free to build on top of this example or just take it as an inspiration.

You can find a getting started guide with the source code.

View source on Glitch

About siroop

siroop logo

siroop ( is Switzerland’s first open marketplace offering products from local, regional, national and international merchants in one place. siroop stands for proximity and openness and wants to create a new digital ecosystem in Switzerland. We currently have more than 800’000 products and almost 500 merchants.

We’re constantly looking for talented individuals. Please have a look at to see if a job tickles your fancy.

About Fashwell

Fashwell is a deep learning startup that recognizes fashion products in images. We leverage image recognition technology to power visual search and recommendation, automatic product-tagging, custom chatbots and other omni-channel software solutions. Our tech fits seamlessly into any eCommerce platform and speeds up the path from inspiration to checkout. Fashwell is a team of computer vision experts and fashion aficionados, always on the lookout for motivated and like-minded talents. Checkout our careers page for more information:


All participants who accept our challenge must be properly equipped for such an adventurous task. That’s why we put together a goodie bag that will help all you brave souls conquer our challenge. The pack includes a gadget to escape reality, something to keep you awake during those long nights, something to keep you fresh, something to keep you stylish and a nice bag to hold it all together.

Come by our booth to pick it up!

PS: Try out the following two apps with the VR Glasses:


We want to help the winners of our challenge to reach new heights within the world of machine and deep learning. In order to assist you in your endeavors, we offer a graphics card with a GPU geared for machine learning as a prize. If you prefer to reach new hights without machine learning you can alternatively pick our other offering, and explore new perspectives with a DJI Spark Drone.

Graphics Card

GTX 1080 Ti

DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark Drone